In the heart of Dingle are a series of walled gardens designed by Mary over the last ten years, built and maintained by the locals themselves, it is wildlife and human haven in the centre of Dingle town. Nuacht TG4 stopped by for a visit, you can watch here starting at 9:34 minutes.

Mary chats with MAHB at Stanford

Mary talked with the folks at the Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere (MAHB, pronounced “mob”) at Stanford University. MAHB is a meeting place for global civil society — citizens concerned with the interconnections among the greatest threats to human well-being: this is the human predicament. It is an initiative of Stanford University, bringing the best science to civil society. You can read the interview here.

Conversation with Glen Hansard

Last month Mary chatted with Glen Hansard on an Instagram Live broadcast about We Are The Ark. Please have a look!

Love & Courage Podcast

Mary recently joined Ruairí McKiernan on his Love & Courage podcast to talk about We Are The Ark. Click through to watch on Facebook

Welcome aboard my Love and Courage podcast conversation with the wonderful Mary Reynolds. Mary is a world-renowned “reformed” landscape designer who was previously the youngest ever gold medal winner at the Chelsea Flower Show. She’s the founder of the We Are The Ark movement, a patron of Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland -WRI and she’s had a movie made about her. The conversation is also available as audio-only on my Love and Courage podcast, which is available on Spotify and all main podcast apps. Big thanks to all you podcast patrons. http://pod.link/loveandcourage

Cultivating Place Podcast

Listen to Mary chat here on the Cultivating Place: Natural History & Our Gardens podcast.

Irish plantswoman Mary Reynolds has cultivated a deep love of her place in the mountains of Wicklow, Ireland – in all its complexity and mystery. As a plantswoman and guardian/gardener – she listens to her place, and works in partnership with her place to move us all forward towards a better world.

Mary is a nature activist, a self-described reformed Landscape Designer, the author of “The Garden Awakening”, and the inspiration behind the 2015 movie Dare to be Wild – she joins Cultivating Place this week in an extended celebration of Earth Day, and our bonus Habitat Garden Series Episode #6.

We Are The Ark

Weaving a patchwork of safe havens for Nature globally, in our gardens, schools, public spaces and beyond..
We are all becoming more aware of our climate breakdown but we seem less aware of the silent killer that is biodiversity and habitat loss which is happening at a staggering rate and is equally – if not more – potentially devastating.

What Can One Person Do To Make A Difference?
For those of us that care about the living world around us and are aware of the challenges we all face, this is a painful and desperate time – but there is hope. We have waited too long for changes to come from our leaders and politicians. We cannot wait any longer. The change will come from the ground up – it will come from us.
This is a call to step up and re assess our management of every individual tiny patch of the earth possible. It’s a call to the guardians of the earth to step forward and make themselves known, to raise their voices. We need to help the natural world and not hinder it. We have to invite nature and wildness back into our gardens, parks and every tiny patch of this earth we can. To create sanctuary, food and habitat for the creatures we are supposed to share this planet with and who in return will help us survive here within a truly natural and beautiful environment.
It’s up to each of us to re-wild our world, piece by piece until we have a patchwork quilt of sanctuaries that wraps its way around the globe.
We Are The Ark.
We Hold The Seeds For A New Earth.

Things are only hopeless if we do nothing, so let’s do something!

More About “The Gardening Awakening”

Mary’s book The Garden Awakening: Designs To Nurture Our Land and Ourselves is out now! Available directly from our webshop here, in Irish & UK bookshops or online elsewhere at Amazon, Waterstones, and The Book Depository.

Now in America as well in Hardcover & digital at Amazon, Barnes & Noble & some local booksellers.

Read endorsements for The Garden Awakening here, including this message from the wonderful Jane Goodall!

Here Mary introduces The Garden Awakening. Thank you to Jamie Goldrick for the visuals and Colm Mac Con Iomaire for the tune.

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