phoenix_lyrics2Not only is Mary artistic in the wild, she can put that talent to paper as well. Some of her artwork is featured throughout MUNA, the latest album by musician Marketa Irglova. You may know Marketa from the band The Swell Season or as “girl” in the film Once. MUNA, released just last week, is Marketa’s second solo record.

Marketa is an old friend and she asked me to do some drawings for her new album MUNA. I sometimes do prayer drawings for friends which involve me connecting in to the situation that needs help and putting a pen to paper and watching what emerges, all the while holding the best possible outcome in my heart, whatever that may be. I followed that same process for each of Marketa’s beautiful songs and I am honoured that she used them in her album booklet.

Learn more about Mary’s role in the making of MUNA here and see her art throughout the lyrics section here.