Farm On Podcast

Mary had a lovely time talking with the folks at the Farm On podcast recently. Have a listen below. In this conversation, I ask Mary about fairy magic, sacred spaces, and the independent film inspired by her adventures becoming the youngest person to win the...

Unclassified Woman podcast

Thanks to Michelle for having Mary on her Unclassfied Woman podcast. You can listen to the interview here.

The Mercury

Thank you to The Mercury for this lovely review of The Garden Awakening.

Being Boss Podcast

A great couple of American women had me on their podcast for world earth day today. Being Boss podcast for creative entrepreneurs. Loved chatting with them. This is a commitment to listen through, long but worth it – Put the kettle on first! Listen via their...
We Are The Land

We Are The Land

Check out Mary’s post “We Are The Land” at the Women Who Farm website. Women and the land are inextricably linked. As above, so below. We are simply a mirror image of each other, the land and us. That connection is deep and mysterious, and only...