The wild thesis.
Mary has developed her years of listening to the land into a comprehensive and groundbreaking book. Her new approach to garden design is a treasure map of a book that leads gardeners into a gentle and healing relationship with the land. This book is a step by step instruction manual drawing on ancient methods of working with the land and showing you how to use them to invite the power and energy of nature back into your land and surround your home in its life giving healing embrace.


Introduction to the book.
Everything becomes simple if you immerse yourself in nature. Life’s complications melt away, leaving only the truth of the present moment, and the presence of what I call God. In this place we can see our soul reflected in every living thing, every gust of wind and splash of rain, and here we can find peace. This is our true home.
Yet we are losing what little wild places we have left in nature, those corners where the spirits of the earth are flowing freely, where harmony, and balance still exists and we feel accepted for the truth of who we are. We have gone off course and need to find our way again.
An old pathway, overgrown and forgotten, is waiting impatiently to lead us back home.
Nature is willing us on.