Guardians…Not Gardeners

Mary gave a talk at Afri’s 2020 Féile Bríde gathering. Thank you to Afri for making this video.

Irish Forest Garden

Claire & Joe created a forest garden from scratch with guidance from Mary’s book The Garden Awakening – Designs to Nurture Ourselves and Our Land. You can go back and read about its origins here on the blog & then keep up with current happenings at...

Cultivating Place Podcast

Listen to Mary chat here on the Cultivating Place: Natural History & Our Gardens podcast. Irish plantswoman Mary Reynolds has cultivated a deep love of her place in the mountains of Wicklow, Ireland – in all its complexity and mystery. As a plantswoman and...

We Are The Ark

Homepage Weaving a patchwork of safe havens for Nature globally, in our gardens, schools, public spaces and beyond.. We are all becoming more aware of our climate breakdown but we seem less aware of the silent killer that is biodiversity and habitat loss which is...

Thin Places Travel Podcast

Mary spent some time with the folks at Thin Place Podcast. You can listen in here or below.