Mary does take on a few design projects every year.

Strong design CAN be combined with Arking.
Human requirements can be woven beautifully alongside native plant community restoration and wildlife supports.

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Have you started to build an Ark, or would you like to build an Ark?

Mary is passionate about helping people give land back to nature, showing it the care it really deserves. She can help inspire you on your journey from being a gardener to becoming an guardian.
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If you have a project that you need design help with, please email Mary at and she will get back to you.

Why an


An Ark is a restored native ecosystem, an Act of Restorative Kindness to the earth.

It becomes a habitat for pollinators and wild creatures of every kind

You can still create a beautiful space, but you are working in partnership with your land

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Simple and personal support for you and your Ark

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One hour session €195 ($210)*

*Introductory offer up until the 10th of October 2023. Regular price: €250 ($265)


“Getting Mary for an on-site design session was the best thing I did last year. I was struggling with knowing what to do with my garden to realise its potential and make it more coherent. I needed design advice and a plan that I could take forward on my own. Mary did that for me in one session. She was very professional and encouraging, and such a delight to meet and talk to. I highly recommend Mary!!!"
Tyga Gebler
“My husband and I did a one hour consult with Mary. We were completely at a loss as to what to do with our outdoor space. Mary was absolutely brilliant. She gave great guidance and we have lots of ideas and avenues we want to explore from the hour. it was well worth it. Highly recommend.”
Monica Duggan
“I had the good fortune of having a one on one zoom meeting with Mary Reynolds, having discovered what she had initiated with the ARK movement and knowing I needed and wanted to talk face to digital face 🙂 Mary is right down to earth, her heart and spirit shone out to support and encourage me to return at least some of my land back to the earth. I could not recommend this process of learning and letting go highly enough - my true nature continues to emerge as the grass and all the creature do too."
Joanne McCrum
You will get guidance on your specific patch of the planet, on how to weave in your own needs, the lands needs and the needs of our shared kin. Mary will go through each area you have photos of, and suggest how to expand the native plant communities and their layers and create more habitat, while considering your own requirements.
Mary can help you make decisions on whether to remove any non-native plants and replace them with plants native to your part of the world or how to work with what you have to expand the habitats and sanctuary.

No. This is Ark based support and guidance. Ecosystem restoration, not gardening. Consider becoming a guardian, not a gardener and come aboard the Ark project!

So, will I end up with a design for my land?
No, this is advice and guidance only.

If you want a detailed ark design, you can email Mary’s team and find out whether she will be interested. She only takes on a very small amount of projects every year.

Yes. There are lots of things you can do to support nature in even the smallest of places, including getting involved in wider Acts of Restorative Kindness in your communities.
Yes. Mary can take a general overview and help you decide what your intentions are and what the land’s intentions are. Together you can discuss what habitats and layers of ecosystem maturity suit the different parts of your land, where different human activities might best be located and which parts should become undisturbed sanctuaries.

Once you book the session, Mary will email  you with all the details.
Here are some general ideas though:

How many photos should I take?
Just enough to cover the areas you need to discuss. If it is a small Ark , a few photos of each area from different angles will help a lot. Too many of each area will waste time, be selective and sort through your photos well before sending them on to Mary. Any videos should be shorter than 1 minute and concise.

How will I send the photos and Videos to Mary?
Mary will ask you to use ‘WeTransfer’, a free service which allows you to send photos and videos without making an account.

I can’t take videos. Does it matter?
No, as long as there is a pin/post code and a decent descriptive selection of photos, it will be ok.

The ‘We are the Ark’ website contains a vast treasure of free guidance including a huge amount of links and resources. Also Marys book is a great guidance which goes more in-depth and if you request it, your local library will order it in for free, if you can’t manage to invest in it right now.

The ‘We are the Ark’ Facebook group is a wonderful source of advice from other Arkevists around the world who are very willing to support each other in their Arking activities.

Once an Ark Guidance Session is booked, there are no refunds.

However, it is possible to reschedule an Ark Guidance Session, as long as you cancel at least 24 hours in advance.


Would you like Mary to design your ARK?

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Would you like Mary to design your ARK?

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