Mary designs Arks

Acts of Restorative Kindness to the earth.

Mary’s book WE ARE THE ARK is out now!

Mary Mary...

Mary designs ARKs.
Acts of Restorative Kindness to the earth.

Mary is a reformed internationally acclaimed landscape designer who launched her career at the Chelsea flower show in 2002, the story of which was made into a 2016 movie called “Dare to be Wild”. Bestselling author, inspirational speaker, occasional television presenter and founder of the global movement “We are the ARK”, a practical groundswell movement that finally shifts the environmental game in nature’s favour. The time for gardens as canvases for our creative pleasure is over. Everything must change and if we are to save the planet, then we must start with our own patches of it. It’s time to re-imagine our work as gardeners, to become leaders in the race to save our beautiful planet, to save ourselves.

“I have come full circle with garden and landscape design. Now I want you to give any land under your care back to nature, to re-wild, to be ‘ARKed’ with Acts of Restorative Kindness to the earth.”



One to One time with Mary to help inspire you in developing your own ARK.


Mary does take on a few design projects every year.

Strong design CAN be combined with Arking.
Human requirements can be woven beautifully alongside native plant community restoration and wildlife supports.

If you have a project that you need design help with, please email Mary at and she will get back to you.


Returning Our Gardens to Their True Nature Through Acts of Restorative Kindness
The book to support the global movement, WE ARE THE ARK: Returning Our Gardens to Their True Nature Through Acts of Restorative Kindness by Mary Reynolds with illustrations by Ruth Evans is out now on Timber Press. You can order via your preferred store or from The Book Depository. Signed copies are available at our Shop here on the site.
In We are the Ark, Mary Reynolds gives us a much needed reason for hope. The gardener, the conservationist, the city planner and the nature lover will all be inspired for this wonderful book shows how thousands of even small wildlife friendly gardens, including school gardens, can provide habitat for embattled wildlife around the world.
Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE Founder
The Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace
Mary Reynolds brilliantly reconceives what the land around our homes and communities could be, pivoting radically away from the annuals, chemicals, and toxic sprays of the garden and landscape industry. She sees the garden and verge as host, vestige and corridor to a wilder world that is being poisoned, plowed, and degraded daily. Her learned prose, deep-rooted experience and devoted kindness to all that lives suffuse this exquisite manifesto for life in all its magnificence.
Paul Hawken
Author of ‘Regeneration, Ending the Climate Crisis in One Generation.’
Mary Reynolds beautiful book “We are the Ark “ is a remembrance of our earth being, of care and kindness, of diversity and cooperation. It helps us remember that we are the earth, and earth care is the essence of our being. The Monoculture of the Mind made us forget how to co-create with the Earth’s Biodiversity. We are the Ark helps us return the earth to the fullness of her life, peace, abundance, through our caring, sharing, gratitude.
Dr Vandana Shiva
This book is one of the most important books of our time. Restoring healthy and biodiverse patchworks of the earth is essential for maintaining a livable planet. If there’s anyone that feels hopeless and like they can’t individually make a difference with climate disruption and biodiversity loss, please read this book. It’s a great blueprint for having an impact on your immediate environment and becoming a steward of nature.
Julia Jackson
Founder of ‘Grounded’

The Garden Awakening

Designs to Nurture Our Land and Ourselves
The Garden Awakening is both art and inspiration for any garden lover seeking to create a positive and natural space while incorporating sustainable living such as growing your own food. It combines practical step-by-step instructions with spiritual, ancient Celtic stories to help you awaken any garden space, nurturing it to benefit both the land and the people in it. This design approach allows ecosystems to be whole and in balance while providing a place for human beings to live happy and productive lives.
‘The Garden Awakening’ can be bought online or from your local bookshop.

Signed copies of the book will be available again in our store in November 2023.

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