By listening carefully to her client and the land in question, Mary undertakes the design of gardens that marry the needs and wishes of the land's guardian with the needs and wishes of the land itself. With her roots in permaculture theory, Mary seeks to create spaces that are healing, truthful and magical. Read more about Mary.

Soft Landscape Workshop in Ashford, Kent


Mary is looking forward to being a part of Palmstead’s Soft Landscape Workshop Strictly Sustainable on 16 September in Ashford, Kent at the Ashford International Hotel. See below and visit their website for more information & tickets.

The Workshop is a one day seminar and discussion forum on topics relating to the Landscape industry, but always with a distinct focus on plants and best practice examples of their use. Delegates are drawn from the interconnecting worlds of landscape architecture, garden design, landscape contracting and greenspace management. A stimulating line up of speakers has been arranged to discuss the topic of sustainability. It can mean different things to different people and we hope to be able to identify what is important and where, as an industry, we can embrace sustainability and sell its benefits appropriately.

The Sunday Times

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Mary & filmmaker Vivienne de Courcy spoke with the Sunday Times at the Irish premier of Dare To Be Wild. Click for a bigger view. EPSON scanner image

Alternatives to glyphosate


I keep getting asked for a glyphosate alternative. Below I will list four alternatives including a vinegar herbicide recipe, however the true alternative involves a much bigger transformation than a simple change of product.

Glyphosate is used widely in gardening and agriculture. It has been found in almost all tested samples of rainwater, breast milk and honey and our aquifers are full of it. We are literally drowning in this poison.

I am not going to bore you with how exactly it is killing us all slowly, research on that is very simple if you want to know, but I will ask you to take a walk with me here.

Why are we using this poison?
(Read more & see the alternatives)

Dare to Be Wild Film Screening Dublin


Dare to Be Wild, the feature length film based on Mary’s true life story, will screen at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival in March. The film focuses on the magical story of Mary’s journey to build a gold medal winning garden at the Chelsea Flower Show.

The screening will be on 26th March at the Lighthouse, 8pm. Tickets go on sale on the film fest website on the 25th February @ 7.30pm.

You can see some stills from the film here on our site and recent distribution news here at Scannain and Variety.

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